About Me

Perfectly polished, fine jewelry: quality sterling silver, 14K gold filled, 24K gold dipped over sterling silver and natural bronze, mixed with hand-cut gemstones from India, freshwater & Keshi pearls from China, quartz and Swarovski crystals from Austria.  

My studio takes these wonderful ingredients, and does all the wire work, combinations, and leather work. It is to honor those skilled craftspeople from all over the globe, and in my studio that I created Wallin & Buerkle in 2001. Born out of my admiration for the talents it takes to make charms, to cut gems, and the passion I have for colors and gemstones' natural beauty, I marvel at how these come together to make an individualized piece of jewelry to wear.

No matter how tiny our gems or small the pendant, the jewelry is life and celebrates our wishes for protection, hope of prosperity and love of life.