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Free ground shipping on orders over $75

New Jewelry Card for Valentine's Day 2022

Valentine's Day 2022

Celebrating love and friendship. It's about appreciation, connection, and heart felt feelings. Jewelry as a token of love and friendship is centuries old. Choose from Initials pendants, Heart charms and pendants, Birthstone charms, and Circles of Love necklaces. Select from 3 new gift cards for extra special packaging.

It's May 2020 and I'm Still Here :)

My website is still open. Nothing major has changed except I was able to get a great job to provide for myself. It was the plan all along before the pandemic started as sales had slowly shifted. As a business who specialized in working with amazing retail owners, the ones who had really cool independent shops in neighborhoods across the US, things have drastically changed. So I am living my quote, In hope, I am fearless. If you'd like to make a purchase from my website, please do. I am here and wanting more than anything to add some light and love to your day.

XO, Sharon

Business name changing to Sharon Vipond

I am moving forward in life after Stage 3 Breast Cancer and leaving behind my former business name of Wallin & Buerkle. My website is going to be updated and will still offer a limited selection of the jewelry that I have been carrying for over 15 years and also new items as I continue to move forward. It may even include art like one of my paintings above which I am most excited about. I am alive and well and grateful to be able to see a future of light and love.