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Free ground shipping on orders over $75

Simple Arched Gem Earrings 14K Gold Filled 8 Colors

Earrings Collection


Simple but trendy and stylish with arched ear wires in 14K Gold Filled. Delicate gold wires thread and dangle for a simple delicate look.

8 colors to choose from: Howlite (blue turquoise look), Labradorite, Green Turquoise,  Strawberry Jade, Mother of Pearl, Opalite, Onyx, and Crystal Quartz.

  • Wire measures 7/8" in the front, 1 1/2" in the back
  • 14K Gold Filled Wire Wire
  • Proudly handcrafted in our studio in Portland, Oregon
Ships in 24-48 hrs - Free gift box!
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